Glossary On Teen Health—Depression

We come across teenagers suffering from constant state of low mood and no interest in day-to-day activities, feeling hopeless and all alone in the world with the feeling of ‘why me’? Depression can start as early as the age of 15 years and 25% of adolescents suffer from depression.

Symptoms of depression arises from childhood sadness, taking a toll on the child’s health.

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Depression Treatment

Any kind of loss, hurdle or let-down in life can lead to feelings of sadness and this is absolutely normal. However, if the feeling of sadness persists for longer than a few days and starts interfering with normal functioning, it certainly calls for attention. Watch out for this could be the early sign of depression.

Depression does not affect one person alone but has its repercussions on his entire family, friends as well as his work. Apart from the cost of depression treatment, there are other huge costs involved in terms of lost productivity and absenteeism from work. Additionally, it is one of the leading causes of disability all over the world and affects more than 121 million people globally.

The good part is that depression is treatable and the results are superior if treatment is sought early on. Clinical studies have clearly documented that homeopathy can provide significant relief to patients with depression and can play a vital role in improving their quality of life. At Dr. Batra's, we have been treating patients with this condition for the last 35 years and have brought smiles back to many faces. Go ahead and explore the role of homeopathy in treating depression and take the reigns of life in your hands.

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