Our constant endeavor to provide the best of services to our patients at Dr. Batra's has enabled us to establish 236 state-of-the-art clinics in 131 cities across India, Dubai and UK. And this has not, in any way, put a stop to our plans of further expansion!

All of our clinics are up-to-date with modern facilities and amenities to ensure the utmost comfort of our patients. Spacious clinics with sophisticated infrastructure are the hallmark of Dr. Batra's. A lot of thought goes into carefully planning out the location of each of our clinics so that they provide easy access to all our patients.

Our high-tech software combined with cutting-edge network systems constantly ensures that we successfully provide treatment to our patients even in circumstances where they cannot report to their home-branch and visit any other branch of the clinic anywhere in the country.

Enhanced video conferencing facilities enable even the remotest of patients to get a personal touch during their consultation with our doctors. The Cyber Clinic at Dr. Batra's now helps the patients to break all the barriers of time and space and get in touch with the treating physician.

Whether it's providing superior diagnostic techniques such as Trichoscan, Spirometer, Wood's lamp, etc. or offering advanced treatment modalities such as Low level Laser Treatment, Piler Light for the treatment of hair loss, we at Dr. Batra's are ever ready to provide the best solutions to our patients.

Additionally, in acknowledgement of the complete support of our team in serving our patients, we also strive to give them the best of infrastructure that helps them to grow along with the company. The facilities that we provide at Dr. Batra's make for an ideal environment for creative and skilled professionals. The software and hardware environment coupled with a fully networked work space is complete with all support services and amenities.

At the end of the day, what we want to provide is the best of treatment and support to our patients and the best of amenities to our entire workforce to achieve the same!