Hema K - Self Employed - Ghaziabad, india

The medical officer, Dr Rajendra Prasath, is keen in understanding our problem then and there. His advice to us is very nice. The follow ups are good. Doctor’s approach in curing the problem is to be appreciated to a great extent. We were taken care of very well for which we will be grateful forever. Thanks Dr. Batra’s and wishing you all the best and all success.

V Sharma - Sales Executive - Gurgaon, India

The medicine for my stomach problem has been very effective. I have seen lot of improvement in the stomach problem and more importantly I have now observed that my state of mind is a lot better compared to what it was a year ago when I used to get worried about my ailment. This is a lot better now because I know that I’m in good hands. Thanks to Dr Hemesh Thakur. He is very caring.

R Kalra - Travel & Tourism - New Delhi, India

We are really privileged to have a doctor like Dr Neeraj Bangia. His excellent care really worked for our daughter. With the treatment taken, she has been cured of her frequent colds and cough and her stamina has also improved. Our hearty thanks to Dr Neeraj Bangia and to Dr. Batra’s for this.

V Sahni - Writer - Chandigargh, India

I just want to thank Dr. Batra’s and his team of doctors for treating patients in a good way. My two sons and me are taking Dr. Batra’s medicines. We are fully satisfied with the treatment. It has no side-effects. My both sons are recovering very fast. They have no complaints regarding their medical problem now. They are very happy to take the medicines too.

Shubha K - Homemaker - Chennai, India

I was suffering from dust allergy two years ago. My condition would be at its worst whenever I would dust and clean the house. Whenever I would be stuck in traffic, I would feel completely suffocated due to this problem. Finally, I decided to come to Dr Batra’s. After a month itself, I found positive difference. Gradually I started going out confidently. I continued medicines regularly for two and a half years and now I feel very good and healthy. Thanks to Dr Rajendra Prasad. I wish you all happiness and good health forever.

P. Kumbhar - Professional-Mumbai, India

I have been taking this treatment of hair loss for almost last 6 months and my problem has got reduced significantly. When I started treatment, it reflected results immediately, but there was a slowdown in between. However, Dr Rajitha reevaluated my case and detected the reason for this and treated it well. Now I can see the results again; my hair loss is controlled and the dandruff too. Overall, I am happy with the service and treatment. Dr Rajitha is very good at her work. Thanks.

Father of Smriti S - Self Employed - Kolkata, India

My daughter was suffering from severe headache and pain in the eyes since a very long time. We had tried treatments at many places, but got no relief. We started treatment at Dr. Batra’s and within 3-4 months, her condition improved dramatically and as of today, she hardly has any problem of headache. We saw good relief in her complaints with the treatment at Dr. Batra’s and are very thankful for this.

Gaurab B, Banjara - IT - Hyderabad, India

I am undergoing treatment at Dr Batra’s for almost 2 ½ years now. The transformation in my condition has been amazing; from regular complaints to no complaints for at least 6 months. I had my apprehensions about homeopathy, but it really works! My doctor during the full course of treatment was Dr Heena Thakkar. She had been very efficient and patient throughout the process. Amazing experience!

Aniket K - Sales Executive - Pune,

First of all, thanks to Dr. Batra’s team. At one point of time, I had lost hope that I will ever see full hair growth on my head. Then I thought of giving Dr. Batra’s treatment a shot. And look what, I’m back with my normal hairy head. All the bald patches on my head which were progressively increasing are now gone. My hair greying has also stopped. Thanks to Dr. Batra’s team, especially Dr. Deepti Kasbe, for giving me back my happiness. I’ve gained my lost confidence in just 6 months of treatment and my sincere thanks to you guys for the same.

Husband of L Kaur - Hotelier - Amritsar, India

Treatment of my wife at Dr. Batra’s has been very satisfactory and we are happy with the results. She was suffering from chronic constipation and she has been improving a lot with the treatment. Many thanks to the entire team at Amritsar clinic of Dr. Batra’s, especially Dr Naveen Kumar.