Alopecia Areata | Scalp Psoriasis Seborrhoeic Dermatitis | Trichotillomania

Hair, our crowning glory, not only represents beauty, power and strength but much more A study showed that 41 per cent of men with full heads of hair were selected for job interviews as compared to only 27 per cent of balding men Rejection at work and marriage can result in loss of self esteem and can even lead to depression and suicide 25% of men do experience hair loss before they attain the age of 21 Hair loss can affect both the genders It is estimated that 13% of women suffer from baldness before they reach menopause stage

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Conditions that can increase risk of baldness:

  • Positive family history: Even one relative on either side of the parent is sufficient to give you a positive genetic history
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis
  • Metabolic disorder: Hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and their medications
  • Nutritional deficiency: Protein, iron, vitamin B12, folic acid and biotin
  • Underlying disease: Thyroid disorder, ovarian cysts and PCOS in women

How baldness occurs?

Normal hair cycle
(Growth phase: upto 85% hair in this phase)

(Resting phase: upto 1% hair in this phase)

(Falling phase: upto 15% hair in this phase )

Natural hair growth cycle is influenced by the male hormones - Die Hydroxy Testosterone (DHT). Any discrepancy in this leads to disturbed hair growth cycle

The hair growth cycle stops working in synergy and hair thinning begins

• The normal thick hair gets replaced by thin hair
• With each cycle, the hair tends to become thin and short, without your realization; suddenly you notice baldness

If ignored, it may lead to:

  • Complete baldness
  • Progressive (worsens by one grade every year)
  • If you are at stage 3 today, you could progress to stage 5, in the next two years
The most common type of hair loss mostly seen in females is also referred to as diffuse hair loss
(Telogen Effluvium)

It can be of recent origin or can be present since many years
Check out the underlying diseases which make a person prone to hair loss

Why Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines inhibit the activity of 5 alpha reductase (key enzyme in formation of DHT). Thus, it is effective in pattern alopecia without side-effects.

Homeopathic advantage

Conventional treatment
Anti-hair fall medicine

Anti-androgen treatment

Diffuse hair loss treatment Vitamins mineral and supplements
Possible side-effects of conventional treatments*
• Temporary results

• Irritation of scalp, hence dandruff and more hair loss

• Low sex drive

• Breast formation in males

• Prostate cancer

• Foetal malformations

• Temporary results

• Overuse of vitamins can cause hyper- vitaminosis leading to hives

• Excessive build up in the body which can cause toxicity

Advantages of homeopathy
Natural medicines to:
• Strengthen hair roots

• No side-effects

Natural medicines to:
• Regulate the hormonal disturbance

• Correct the underlying disease

• Long lasting results

• Enhances vitamin and mineral absorption

Treatment at Dr Batra’s®

Hair diagnosis through Video microscope to evaluate:
  • Grade of baldness
  • Extent of baldness
  • Thickness of each hair strand
  • Scalp damage
Natural medicines to:
  • Slow down the rate of thinning
  • Delay baldness
  • Delay deterioration
  • Regulate hair loss & hair growth cycle
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Improve uptake of nutrients
Local application to stimulate hair follicles
Low level laser therapy to:
  • Improve blood circulation beneath the hair roots
  • Remove toxins locally
  • Strengthen the hair roots
Local application to stimulate hair follicles
plans Identify the trigger factors:
  • Hereditary
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Fever
  • Post pregnancy
  • Post weight loss
  • Associated diseases like:
    - Diabetes
    - High cholesterol
    - Blood pressure
Correct underlying diseases such as:
  • Thyroid
  • Hormonal imbalance
Reduce anxiety
Improved self image Improved quality of life
Guidance for correct nutrition and supplementation

Why Dr Batra’s®

An independent study by A C Nielsen showed:

• 90% of our hair patients would not switch to any other conventional treatment

• 70% of conventional medicine users believe that we provide the best solution in homeopathy

Before After


“In the past 2 yrs of treatment, I have noticed significant progress with my hair growth, which is something I never thought, was possible. Thanks to Dr Batra’s® and their homeopathic treatment. I was cured of my hair loss. I would definitely recommend homeopathic treatment to everyone with all types of hair loss”.
Mr. Mohammed Junaid

“I chose Dr Batra’s® treatment to treat my hair loss problem. With treatment, my hair loss and dandruff problems reduced considerably and I ‘m happy with the results”.
Mr. Kasheesh P