Allergy can be termed as over-action of the body’s immune system to a foreign substance when inhaled through breathing, consumed through food, or with contact

Prevalance of allergy

  • 33% children with one allergic parent will develop an allergy
  • 70% children with two allergic parents will develop an allergy
  • Lip, finger tips, bony prominences and vitiligo patch with white hair

Food allergies are known to be serious
1 in 13 kids suffer from food allergy

Allergy triggering foods:
Eight major foods or food groups are belived to account for 90% of food allergies


Conventional treatment
Anti-hair fall medicine

Anti-androgen treatment

Diffuse hair loss treatment Vitamins mineral and supplements
Possible side-effects of conventional treatments*
• Temporary results

• Irritation of scalp, hence dandruff and more hair loss

• Low sex drive

• Breast formation in males

• Prostate cancer

• Foetal malformations

• Temporary results

• Overuse of vitamins can cause hyper- vitaminosis leading to hives

• Excessive build up in the body which can cause toxicity

Treatment at Dr Batra’s®

Hair diagnosis through Video microscope to evaluate:
  • Grade of baldness
  • Extent of baldness
  • Thickness of each hair strand
  • Scalp damage
Natural medicines to:
  • Slow down the rate of thinning
  • Delay baldness
  • Delay deterioration
  • Regulate hair loss & hair growth cycle
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Improve uptake of nutrients
Local application to stimulate hair follicles
Low level laser therapy to:
  • Improve blood circulation beneath the hair roots
  • Remove toxins locally
  • Strengthen the hair roots
Local application to stimulate hair follicles
plans Identify the trigger factors:
  • Hereditary
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Fever
  • Post pregnancy
  • Post weight loss
  • Associated diseases like:
    - Diabetes
    - High cholesterol
    - Blood pressure
Correct underlying diseases such as:
  • Thyroid
  • Hormonal imbalance
Reduce anxiety
Improved self image Improved quality of life
Guidance for correct nutrition and supplementation

Why Dr Batra’s®

An independent study by A C Nielsen showed:

• 90% of our hair patients would not switch to any other conventional treatment

• 70% of conventional medicine users believe that we provide the best solution in homeopathy

Before After


“In the past 2 yrs of treatment, I have noticed significant progress with my hair growth, which is something I never thought, was possible. Thanks to Dr Batra’s® and their homeopathic treatment. I was cured of my hair loss. I would definitely recommend homeopathic treatment to everyone with all types of hair loss”.
Mr. Mohammed Junaid

“I chose Dr Batra’s® treatment to treat my hair loss problem. With treatment, my hair loss and dandruff problems reduced considerably and I ‘m happy with the results”.
Mr. Kasheesh P